10 “Heroes” Who Did Awful Things

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These historical figures have always been lauded as heroes, with their best moments in life being spoken about constantly. But what about their darker sides? These are 10 “Heroes” Who Did Awful Things…

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15 thoughts on “10 “Heroes” Who Did Awful Things

    1. umm youve got some nerve talking shit about george washington when the brits commited mass genocide and killed thousands if not millions on your conquest of the world. george washington was also not the first president either.

    2. Alltime10s I’m going to need a palette cleanser. I’m going to watch videos of cats doing Fortnite dances.

      Disturbing stuff…

    3. What’s the difference between Hitler and Churchill. Hitler killed 6 million Jews and Churchill killed 4 million Indians. Their way of killing is different but Hitler is a villian(yeah he is) and Churchill is a hero(actually a scumbag).

  1. I Don’t Believe In Racism, Sexism, Homophobia Or Any Of Those Other Unnecessary Words. The Fundamental Flaw With Racism, Sexism And The Other “ia’s & ism’s” Pertaining To Bigotry Is That They All Disparage The Individuals Right To Free Will, Free Speech, Self Determination And Essentially Each Persons Right To Be Who You Are And Feel How You Will Right Or Wrong.

    Its The Essence Of Individuality That Were All Different In Some Ways. Bigotry Is The Root Of All Hate In Every Category: Rich & Poor, White & Black, Conservative & Liberal, American & Whatever.

    By Ism-Shaming Everyone In To Following Some Arbitrary Belief System You Are Forcing Your Own Beliefs On Another Individual, Thus Violating The One And Only Thing That Even God Doesn’t Interfere With. Self Determination.

    For All The Atheist Types Who Can’t Wait To Proclaim Their Non-Belief In God. Don’t Worry You Aren’t Immune. The Great Thing About Being An Atheist Is You Won’t Ever Have To Worry About Meeting God.

    But The Down Side Of Railing Against Bigotry Is That By Creating This Belief System And Forcing Others To Adhere To It Through Coercion Or Violence, You Are Just As Hypocritical Than The Most Hypocrified Religious Zealot Because You Are Pushing An Anti-Bigotry Religion That Strips Away Individuality And Forces Conformity Under Penalty Of Violence And/Or Persecution.

    Its A Fact That A Majority Of People Want To Belong, People Want To Cooperate And Live In Peace And Harmony. Bigotry Is The Cause Of Disharmony, Violence And Genocide!

    Bigotry Is An Individual Problem We All Have. So If You Want To Be Part Of The Solution Then:

    1) Don’t Be A Bigot.

    2) Stop Calling Other People Bigots.

    Lead By Example And People Will Follow You Into A Better World.

  2. I had it muted and was just reading the closed captions. Boy was I confused about what this video was about. Made sense after I unmuted it. Worst captions ever.

  3. some of the accusations presented here can easily be explained away , others not – they shouldn’t be confused into the same list !

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