10 Incredible Acts of Kindness CAUGHT ON TAPE

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Welcome to Top10Archive! It seems all we ever hear about is how terrible the world outside is. In fact, if you scour through YouTube comments or any Internet forum, you’ll find that acts or even words of kindness come few and far between. So who can blame us for wanting to put the spotlight on these Top 10 heartwarming acts of kindness caught on video?

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10. One Last Shot
9. Making a Youngen’s Day
8. Shirt Off Your Back
7. The Cost of Kindness
6. The Ultimate Act of Sportsmanship
5. The Other Side of the Law
4. Christmas Surprises
3. The Two-Way Street
2. The Power of Many
1. Friendly Support


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15 thoughts on “10 Incredible Acts of Kindness CAUGHT ON TAPE

    1. Photograph and name the knobheads that suspended the girl right here on Youtube.That may teach them to think again..

  1. I wished I lived in a kind people Country cause one time a dog chased me (btw I’m scared of dogs because I’m a inside person with no pets and I’m not used to them yet)anyways back to the story my brothers friends started laughing at me and I got sad but my aunt got mad because a bunch of 18 and 17 years olds are laughing at a 8 year old and also my “friend” was there and she didn’t even help me I always help her though I gave her my only dollar to her just because her mom didn’t give her a dollar she was laughing too and so for this day forward I will not sit by her on the bus,play with her,or eat breakfast with her cause she is know known as my bff best fake friend

  2. I had a friend in high school who was blind and almost every day I saw him, I’d greet him and lift his spirits with jokes and stories. I remember countless time I helped him to class without a second thought and without asking for anything in return. I also helped him when he almost accidentally entered the ladies’ bathroom. If I could find him, I’d help lead him to his bus so he wouldn’t miss it. I never had a friend like that before, and I knew he never had a friend like me before either. I miss him since we graduated high school the same year, but I know he probably still thinks of me.

  3. Here’s a good action that happened to me!!!

    Soo me and my mom were going to Starbucks and we ordered a lemonade and …somthing else … and the guy in front of us paid for our drinks ! We dont even know him! 😭

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