10 Unbelievable Cases Of Mistaken Identity

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Something as simple as not double checking someone’s name and identity can have seriously big consequences.

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10 thoughts on “10 Unbelievable Cases Of Mistaken Identity

    112 shots and they CANT even kill the mistaken for thugs innocent old lady AND litle girl,,,
    IF you ever see a US police, laugh as if you laughed at clowns on circus,, and then feel all wellbeing and ber on top of the world

    wow theres a blue back of a car, it MUST BE the criminals!!!!
    imbecile (ĭmˈbə-sĭl, -səl)►
    n. A stupid or silly person; a dolt.
    n. A person whose mental acumen is well below par.
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  2. Too much weird for me….that twat ..ian looks like my ex. .only reason i clicked…..only to realize that ed snowden looks identical to my ex ex…….loooking suspiciously at current bf.

  3. #1 is the reason police are not trusted..
    their lack of training led to innocent people being shot..
    and subsequently never had to account for their actions while sticking the 4.2 million dollar bill to taxpayers..

  4. Can Alltime10 stop being ….. dumb? For number 7 2:49 if youre going to address them by their last name DONT SWITCH ( DONT ADDRESS FROM LAST NAME THEN TO FIRST NAME) HALF WAY THROUGH THEIR STORY

  5. The #1 mistaken identity:
    The trucks were not the same. The suspect drove a grey Nissan truck and the women were in a blue Toyota truck. Hence the large settlement. You even showed the pictures. How did you screw that up. Are the rest of your stories as fact free?

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