Pro Gamer: Expectations vs. Reality

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Can eSports survive in Traditional Media? We analyse this on MojoPlays!

eSports vs Media and “Real” Sports –

Being a pro gamer might seem glorious, right? But it definitely isn’t for everyone. In this video we’ll be breaking down the differences between the expectations of being a pro gamer vs. ACTUALLY being one. Have you or a friend ever had hopes of being a pro gamer? Let us know the story in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Pro Gamer: Expectations vs. Reality

  1. Esports and programing will never be taken seriously…..the first step is that they need to get rid of the stupid ass gamertag handles and just go by their names….like some gamertag are fine but it’s all over the place and honestly no one will take u seriously when u win awards and chips as sonicfox for example…I love that dude and him coming out in a outfit but it looks weird for the mainstream….not to mention how pro gamers conduct themselves, let’s be honest here they are gamers…many of them have had some sort on controversy surrounding them or whatever….

  2. You guys talking about it like a bad thing. Pro gaming isn’t that stressful. And the point of being playing only one game for the rest of your life is dead wrong and not true.

  3. Most pro gamers are white or foreign there privilege allows them to be able to an there parents have money which is how most of them start up

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