Scary Time Capsules We Should Open In 2019

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Scary Time Capsules We Should Open In 2019
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Top 10 Time Capsules That Must NOT Be Opened – Part 2 šŸ‘‡

Welcome back everyone to Most Amazing Top 10 everyone, today I’m back again with another Time Capsules video. This is gonna be another casual one, its not gonna be a list, there’s no 1 to 10, its just me sharing some good stories I found. If you haven’t seen any of my time capsule videos then check them out – there should be one floating right up there. Check that out if you find time capsules scary or interesting – but do it after this video – my name is Danny Burke and these are the scary time capsules we should open in 2019!

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15 thoughts on “Scary Time Capsules We Should Open In 2019

    1. MostAmazingTop10 i became a fan thanks to the scary videos Iā€™m in love keep up the good work guys šŸ˜˜ā¤ļøšŸ‘šŸ»

  1. I think time capsules are a really cool and intriguing way to go about preserving history and moment in time for later generations. As for people simply “forgetting” where they put them I don’t really believe that.. if you where to put something away that you didn’t want people to see for hundreds of years, why would you tell people where it is buried? that would defeat the whole purpose of it.

    As for the age of opening time capsules, I suppose it would depend on the age of the capsule itself and how degraded the contents are. If it is left in place untouched and unweathered then just leave it there! just make a note of its position and date of the finding.

  2. I agree that 100 years is really the longest limit that should be put on time capsules, although the capsule you mentioned in another video to be sent into space and come back in 5000 years is a rather cool concept.

  3. i thin that if they have been placed underground or somewhere out the way for a period of time then they should be left unopened for the time period it was supposed to be left for so the future people can find it like we have done we previous ones. but hey ho who listens to a short British kid, but yeah thats my opinion

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