Top 10 Characters DC Wants You To Forget

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Top 10 Characters DC Wants You To Forget
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Not every hero you create can be a Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. No, even the best creators out there can come up with some pretty ridiculous characters that they probably hope you’d just forget about. Well, we’re counting down the 10 most absurd, strange, and down-right out-of-place characters DC Comics has ever come up with, just to remind you all!

List Rank and Entries
#10: Rainbow Raider
#9: James Gordon Jr.
#8: The Legion of Substitute Heroes
#7: Brother Power, The Geek
#6: Tarantula
#5: Gunfire
#4: Hemo-Goblin
#3, #2, #1: ?

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Characters DC Wants You To Forget

  1. Really DC  #4 wow really dc you really stooped to that low I think I just got really turned off by DC trying to say you get hiv from a bite and trying to pass it to others…..

  2. I read about one superhero called ‘Nocturnal Discharge’. He could shoot small electric bolts from his groin area but only between the hours of midnight and two am. And the voltage varied depending on his other activities during the day. But at most is was only like a AA battery in amperage. He used it to charge his friend’s phones.

  3. I don’t think Tarantula belongs on this list. If her only reason for being there is rape then, Talia should be there too.

  4. I have a severe problem with Rainbow Raider. The goggles are supposed to let him control colored beams, but do they correct his color blindness? If not, how can he even use the damn things? If *so* then why not just go back into art?

    1. tranz2deep by thought his original power was emotion minipuation blue makes people sad red angry so he just thinks be angry and a red beam shows uo

  5. Ya got it wrong , Jim Jr only became a villain because the head trauma he got when Batman saved him as a baby

  6. WHAT?
    You trash The Legion of Substitute Heroes?

    They always prevail despite their limited abilities.

    Arm Falloff Boy should wonk you over the head for that.

    Also don’t trash Ebony White for *his* shameful origins — that Eisner apologized for decades ago.

    If you do, then you will have to turn your backs on Wonder Woman whose title started as a creepy Bondage Comic.
    (Or have you done that one already?)

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