Top 10 Mysterious Places In India

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Top 10 Mysterious Places In India
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India is a country that is full of culture, history and there is definitely not a shortage of mysterious places. From a place where birds randomly fall to their doom to a creepy beach where scary whispers can be heard, India is for sure a country that is surrounded with mystery and unexplained events. So let’s dive right into our list of the top 10 mysterious places in India.

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    1. +Phil Connors Singh is a common middle name in British Columbia, but yes, most of the time they are most welcoming, warm, and respectful.

    2. +Dark Samurai I have several friends that are Punjabi. One is my biggest competition in the liquor business here in town. He is a Singh. I’ve traveled to India with him and was welcomed in by his entire community. I was nervous being a white man but I was treated with tremendous respect.

  1. Hey listen, India is not the only country in the SAARC region. There is Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and my home the Maldives.. Make some videos about all those countries and not just India

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