Top 10 Scary Convicts Who Freaked Out After Life Sentence

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Top 10 Scary Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given a Life Sentence
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Is this real life right now, I would also be freaking out if I was handed down a life sentence I can’t handle prison food and defecating in front of someone I would be to stress out, but I guess I can try and get use to it. And also I suppose if your willing to do the crime, than you should be willing to do the time and be able to defecate in front of people.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Convicts Who Freaked Out After Life Sentence

  1. Yes its real life where ppl are capable of evil acts no matter how they commit them…like how many of these murders wasnt done with guns. Point is if you lose control or are evil and end up killing someone you will gun or not.

  2. Yes Landon you, a law abiding citizen living a nice town and won’t ever need a gun, this guy looks like he’s never even touched a hand drill. perfectly qualified for opinions on the gun debate!

  3. It is not the gun that did the volicence. It is the idiot behind it. I am a legal gun owner. I would never think to use my gun other than self defense. We still have the right to bare arms. I believe in the second ammendment of our Constitution.

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