Top 10 Scary Satan Encounters – Part 2

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Top 10 Scary Satan Encounters – Part 2
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Satan’s a bit of a mixed bag really. Some believe hes a red creature with horns and a tail, others believe he takes human form and walks amongst us. Regardless of whichever side you fall on, one things for sure and that’s that no one wants to meet him. Doesn’t matter if he takes human form, demigod form or centipede form. But there are people out there who claim to have met or interacted with him, so lets find out what the heck happened when they did. This is the Top 10 Scary Satan Encounters – Part Two.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Satan Encounters – Part 2

  1. Okay but like what does it mean if the Devil visited you 3 times in your dreams? And the setting of those dreams are in real time btw…

  2. Truth be told we all make compromises with this, that, or another. Is really selling your soul something more than just going that extra mile for your desires? What is a soul but your deepest self? To sell such a thing is nothing more than a compromise of that really.

    _So what do you got to loose but your self but then again who truly retains that during the journey that is life?_

  3. The way she said “both big shots in one story, how ’bout that”..almost condescending tone toward Christian religion. And her advice, “know what you’re getting into when askong the devil for help”?! How about dont ask satan for help… Lol I get that not everyone shares that belief. ..just saying.

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