Top 10 Scary Sociopaths Throughout History

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Top 10 Scary Sociopaths Throughout History
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and I have been loving the Shane Dawson Sociopath series so I have decided to make the Top 10 Scary Sociopaths throughout history. What a sociopath is something that Shane is trying to get to the bottom of. It is basically a personality disorder that is characterized by certain traits, like rarely feeling guilt, remorse or shame, constant lying and unreliability, recklessness, impulsive behavior and having a hard time with the concept of love Still, it’s an not an exact science. People with so-called sociopathic traits can also appear charming because they may be confident, bold, and the life of the party. But, according to the Shane documentary, there is no reasoning with a sociopath, they will not care about you and use other people as tools or objects. A lot of these people turn to crime, so, are there any identifiable sociopaths through history?

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Sociopaths Throughout History

  1. Wait, I thought Ted Bundys fiance broke up with HIM which is why many of the woman he killed where similar to her.

  2. Nice to see youtubers jumping on that view train trying to get subs and views from Shane’s *actually original* series.

  3. As if Shane ain’t getting enough hate because of the picture the series is painting on sociopaths. We now have channels making it worse. Not all sociopaths are β€œscary”. Love the channel tho just don’t feel this is is a good top ten to be doing..,

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