Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2018

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Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2018
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This is the list you do NOT want your Video Game to be on. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2018. For this list we’ll be looking at the absolute worst the gaming industry had to offer IN 2018 such as Metal Gear Survive, Agony and Super Seducer.

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List Entries and Rank:
#10. “Fear Effect Sedna” (2018)
#9. “Extinction” (2018)
#8. “Earthfall” (2018)
#7. “Metal Gear Survive” (2018)
#6. “The Quiet Man” (2018)
#5. “Agony” (2018)
#4. “Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn” (2018)
3, 2 & 1: ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2018

  1. Super seducer is amazing simply because it is cringy. I watched Jericho play through the game amd loved every second of it.

  2. Let’s see – super seducer is on V2 with #3 in the works.
    Not interested in it, haven’t and don’t intend to buy/play it – but interested in your revulsion of it…

    And overwhelmingly positive ratings on Steam – NOT easy to get, unless a game is GOOD.
    Anyone charismatic enough to get hundreds of people to buy the game and upvote is going to give good advice, or rather make a good game. Steam has banned games and companies over the allegation of a dozen or so employee reviews as I’m sure this site knows.

    My only misgiving is – well “Do you wanna be THAT guy”…?

    It’s really interesting how the ladies that tell you “You’re Nice” (at best) then end up with creeps they meet at bars or clubs, often tolerating bruises and him never working – guys that stepped right out of those late 80s early 90s Made for TV movies on “Domestic Violence” to advertise the laws being rammed through.

    Welp, things like this (lots of books too) are how to do it. Long and short the art of “Wooga wooga wooga!” like you are some big healthy bird waving feathers and cawing – but you have to keep up the act like it is you forever at least in the presence of anyone who can talk to the women or their friends. That’s why they whine they met a nice guy at the bar/club/whatever, then let him come home and bed her – he was cold in the morning, ran out the door. He doesn’t want to lose his hard earned cred by accidentally becoming too tender, revealing he’s a PonyFan, whatever… He literally behaves like an animal, triggering the female receptions with “Wooga wooga wooga” just tailored for human response and even the ‘progressive feminist’ women attaches to him as long as he maintains it. If he’s a legit creep and a bit sadistic he’s living in the best time in history, no oppressive religion with power, no strong familial and cultural bonds to force him to fulfill his responsibilites to a woman or keep him from being alone with her unless married and a legal system that’ll even protect him from a shotgun wedding or lynch/castration mob… Oh yeah, and “Soy Boys” to be the ladies shoulder to cry on when he’s walked on her bad and her mom, dad, pastor etc. don’t give any support anymore – but some guy she confides in but never lets into bed she can cry on when she has “Keep off! Property of ….. county Motorcycle and Amphetamine club!” tattooed on her, then borrow more money and go back to them.

    So, you might be mad at “Super Seducer” and tons of Amazon books on the same subject as vile, sexist behavior…

    BUT – “Is he your enemy because he speaks the truth?”

    1 – Why do some men become “White Knights” when save for basic courtesy they should break it off with any lady they don’t have a chance with? Friendzone = endzone. Oh, don’t treat any/every female you don’t have a chance with or don’t see as a chance like dirt. Not by any means. BUT why do so many men let a lady lead them on forever, despite seeing other people completely NOT like them…? We’ve all seen this, even done this for a while.

    2 – Why do women let the “Wooga Wooga Wooga” act work on them? They do. Not all women. But plenty of them. Wanna have sex for fun a while before settling down, well its the modern world fine. Advise make him use protection, but your life not mine. However, even women starting out as the most pretty, intelligent women can easily get emotionally enslaved by a creep who’s only worth in the world is getting women into bed with them and they end up in debt, a face depressed by punching, all sorts of Dr Phil nightmare show things. Starting to have some female equivalents now that “Legitimate Alternative DEATHstyles” are supposed to be accepted. But things like this are hardly new. Don’t want to end up “Saddled with the Nerd?” or rebelling against the people your friends or especially family wants for you…? Why then pick the LAST choice in the world any would pick on you, anyone who actually cares about you? Again, not saying ALL women… But I’ve seen it a LOT and I’m sure anyone reading it who’s had any life experience has also.

  3. I legitimately tried to give Metal Gear Survive a chance. I played a solid 8 hours or so in total before I dropped it. Thank god I got the game for free. Do NOT give that game a chance, even if you’re a huge fan of the metal gear series.

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