Top 3 Things You Missed In Deadpool 2 Trailer

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Top 3 Things You Missed In Deadpool 2 Trailer
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Deadpool 2’s latest trailer is an absolute beast, but what did you miss from it? WatchMojo presents the Top 3 Most Important Things You May Have Missed From the Deadpool Trailer! Watch to find out everything you need to know!

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10 thoughts on “Top 3 Things You Missed In Deadpool 2 Trailer

  1. Actually, I missed none of these Watchmojo. Just like I didn’t miss you try and squeeze a buck out of anything you can. Even if you contributed nothing to it.

  2. Black panther
    Avengers infinity war
    Ant man and the wasp
    Deadpool 2
    X men dark Phoenix
    So now marvel studios vs marvel comics based movies with other companies
    DC you just lazy

  3. Wait what!? Where’s the action figures of ranger pool and cable? Absolutely loved that part. NO BITTING!!!

  4. How did that the taxi driver not end up jail for kid napping in the first movie? He got in an accident with the dude in the trunk. Clearly the cops would have showed up and blah blah blah. I know it’s just a movie.

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