What If The Dinosaurs Never Went Extinct? | Alternate Reality

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What if dinosaurs still roamed around the Earth? This week’s alternate reality explores exactly that, and you may be surprised by the conclusion…

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14 thoughts on “What If The Dinosaurs Never Went Extinct? | Alternate Reality

  1. What if worms were armed with submachine guns and suddenly united and rose out of the ground bent on retribution against humanity for being stepped on and disrespected for eons?

    What if questions are stupid questions. Learn to ask smart questions. Stay focused on reality.

  2. News flash dinosaurs never existed all of their bones are fake. These phony bones were only found in the mid-to-late 1800s and only by specific archaeologists and specific institutions in specific places. They have never been found by any common or any human being anywhere in the world on any archaeological dig anywhere at any time. Furthermore there are no mentions of any dinosaurs in any ancient civilization or culture in any cuneiform tablets or hieroglyphs ever. So take your dinosaur anti-god b******* and shove it up your ass

  3. It’s crazy how earth evolution used to be who is bigger than an other, now it’s about money and shit lol, it should be fuck everything and build a huge spaceship and keep testing it till it works then we have mass produced ones that take every one to different planets with history files in each ship that tells Everyone where each other is then eventually the whole galaxy is OURS HAHA!

  4. Dinosaurs are fake. They are made of plaster ! just like you have been sold lies about the moon landings! They have never found a full dinosaur fossil !

  5. “Humans would never evolve. So here’s what would happen if we assume humans evolve exactly as they did in our timeline.” πŸ€”

    1. According to the evolution theory, because theirs no dinos that goes and kill early rodents, the rodents doesn’t need to hind to adapt. Out of a powder of fairy dust, the rodents diversity to many mammals groups we see today. I highly doubt you didn’t know about it.

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